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Dr. Arnaldo Diniz Feres, Medico Neurologist, CRM 12055
As a scholar in the field of neurology and neurosurgery, I observe, based on clinical evidence, that the tools of the therapeutic Oriental J2000 device, through its Progressive Density and Profiled Therapeutic Massager, helps my patients in an important manner in conjunction with other therapies.

Dr. Sergio Gioppo, Cardiologist, CRM 12055
As a doctor and researcher of the Lúmen Magnéticos products I have verified, throughout clinical observations, the benefits and effectiveness of the Oriental J2000 products as a preventative tool and as an aid in the treatment of array of causes, more specifically, in terms of blood circulation.

In some patients, I observed improvement in physical endurance, neurological functions, humming/buzzing and dizziness, and a more prolonged disposition. In addition to this, the Progressive Density proved to be effective in fighting back problems, proving itself to be to be a great technological advancement.

Dr. Alexandre Lamaro Cardoso, Fisico Physical Therapist, CREFITO 120349
The Oriental J2000 products gather various technologies capable of promoting health and improving the quality of life of its users in intelligent and practical fashion. As a researcher in the field of Electrothermal and Phototherapy, I congratulate the effort and sincerity of this company in providing its clients with resources based on the best available scientific evidence favoring sleep quality and its countless benefits in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Alexandre V. Andrade, Orthopedician, CRM 36170
The most common concerns patients bring to my office are: Cervicalgia and Lumbago. Often the patient wants you to treat the symptoms and forget to prevent the causes. These can, very well, be prevented with the use of a good quality mattress with an adequate density. The Oriental J2000 products are an innovation in this segment.

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